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23 May 2004


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FYI, I tried to post a comment on your Blogging Blog but was unable to. Not sure if it's me or you.

I look forward to reading about your lessons learned. I am fighting the urge to redesign my website yet again.


No commenting for me either ...

Oh, I hate to divert you from writing to web design. But a couple of things you might work up to tackling here: Watermark loads very slowly, possibly because of all the externally sourced stuff in the first column.

And my browsers (Camino for the Mac, a Mozilla-based browser, and the dreaded IE for the Mac) display your actual entries at the bottom of the page -- that is, the two columns display one on top of the other.

On the other hand, blog-blog looks fine.... (sorry.)


I also could not comment at the blogging blog - just FYI. Hey that IS a good idea - and as for Augustine's blog - that's one I've bookmarked and am enjoying - thanks for pointing it out!


I've put in a help ticket (again) regarding the site loading problems; and also on the commenting problem -- I checked my settings at the Blogging Blog and comments should certainly be accepted.

Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

Augustine's Blog is wonderful; don't forget to click the "Lynx" on my main page for links to lots more great places!


SB, the reason comments aren't working is because you're linking to a permalink to an archive type that doesn't have a commenting form on it. If you want those links to work you have to set your primary archive type to be "Individual," or change the code on your index template to use the comment popup form instead of a # link.


Just had to stick my nose in here after reading your comment on Blaugustine.

Yes, I agree. Not blogging is like cutting off your nose to keep from smelling the garbage in the back alley.

I do find, however, that limiting my political blogging is helpful. God knows how crazy they can make it for us just trying to keep up with them. So I restrict myself to Tuesday and Friday on that score, using the rest of the time to celebrate the world and my adventures in it.

P.S. Like the caracal in the lower left hand corner. Or is that a lynx?


just read this particular post of your through this time around as well as more carefully and managed to catch the part about you finding that trick to create permalinks where none existed before, via PurpleSurple.

excellent find. cool.

will be using that for linking back to Blaugustine's "Addicted to Blogging" blog post on both my personal blog as well as my newest creation: i.e., Blogaholics Anonymous blog.

thank you Sharon!

Ryan Schultz

(ears prick up)

Did someone say Blogaholics Anonymous??


P.S. thanks for the link to PurpleSlurple :-)



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