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02 March 2006


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John B.

Along the lines of "Physics for Poets": I don't know if you listen to Writer's Almanac, but go here and read the poem for 3 February.

As for the Cosmic Variance link: that was a marvelous piece of writing. Thanks for leading me there. I especially liked the bit about the equations "to make it look like science." It reminded me of something Feynemann (sp?) once said: "We just draw arrows on chalkboards--that's all we do."


I read that right after I read the above kitty post (squee!), and for a split second I read it as "physics for pets."


His name was Feynman, and if you really want to understand physics, try Six Easy Pieces.

Otherwise, you can do what I do ... have smart friends and bug them as needed. I would be proud to count myself in your circle ....

John B.

I am always on the lookout for smart friends. I thank you.


Thanks, Erin -- I will find that book. I bet the local used book store has it. Easier than Hawking, eh?

And I will keep asking you questions.


Much easier than Hawking. I found Hawking a difficult read. Many scientits are; Feynman is an exception.

James Gleik and Timothy Ferris are two non-scientists who write splendidly on science
Also, John Gribbon's In Search of Schrödinger's Cat will also tell you all you are likely to need to know about Quantum Mechanics. I read it in HS, and didn't learn appreciably more about Quantum Mechanics in six years studying physics. Some math, is all.

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