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03 August 2006


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I love the audio - especially the little evil laugh at the end. Makes me wonder, does she have the blues, or not?


I never thought the poem was dried on the page.

Besides you are not uninspired, you're just in a fallow period right now , before you know it. You'll have more poems on your laps than you know what to do with.

liz elayne

i really liked the rhythm on the page...but then hearing it - delicious! thank you for sharing this today...
and i send you peace and light as you rest and spend time inward.

Melinda (Sour Duck)

Fantastic! Agree with twitche, great laugh at the end.

You almost sing the poem, it has quite a rhythm to it.

"I'm still tired, uninspired, and inward."

I love the way you put this.


I think it is great on the page and recited. Good job.

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