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16 August 2006


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There are some delightful images here.I particularly liked “deep-rooted against time.”


This resonates with me so much right now. Thanks. It is beautiful.


I like. I really like.

The Heretik

Quite nice.


Thoughts provoked.


Very evocative, and the closing lines are especially memorable, contemplative, right.


Wow -very nicely done. Love the language, the rhythm of the lines, flows so well across the page.

Brian G. Fay

I started reading this because I had just listened to a story of a man who built a paper row boat and was using it. That story was on the CBC and, as it turns out, had nothing to do with your poem which is lovely and soft. That's an odd way to describe it, but I was reminded of the way most Chinese landscape art gives me the feeling of mist and a soft wind blowing through.

"heard that river bed voice"

That's a great line.


Lovely poem. There were so many great things...great title and I especially liked:

Our lives thin down
to this: one or two tenacious
friends, deep-rooted against/time


Thank you all -- every so often there is a poem I'm really pleased with, and this is one.


Beautiful - feelings, emotions, hope(?) So glad to see you are back on.

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