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27 January 2004


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Interestingly enough, I had an editor (from a company trying to sell me self-publishing--you might remember my post in z-talk) accuse me of having no clue about poetry and publishing because I had a public poetry blog. In a flame-filled letter (I had expressed my disappointment in them trying to con me into a sales call over the phone before they were going to tell me it was a pay for publication company), it was suggested that I'm a rather sad (as in pathetic) poet because I must publish all my work on my Web site and how could I possibly know anything about the publishing world if I did that.

It was curious to me, though, that because I posted SOME of my work online, that they assumed I was a naive poet. I didn't bother to send them links and links and links of online poets who are perfectly knowledgable, published and still carry conversations about poems and share their poetry online. They were just upset because I saw right through the con. ;)

I find that a lot of people do read my poems (at least that is what my stats say) but very very few ever comment on them. I try not to think about what that means...


Perhaps it just means that most readers are not in 'thinking' mode; just absorbing. That is usually true for me when I'm reading a poem, unless I've been asked to critique it.

But now that my work is 'public', I do see that comments are welcome.

Ruy Miranda

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