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23 April 2004


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Hi! I am getting a pop-up box telling me that in order to view this page I have to fill in a password. However if I click cancel when it pops up I still get to see the page. So... if it's supposed to be there it doesn't really work. But also if it's supposed to be there, how do I get a password?

(I'm viewing on Safari on MacOSX jaguar, not panther... yet)


Me too... also the images are not showing properly.


Hopefully I've fixed this -- will the next person who stops by please email or comment to let me know?




Very cool. Cats are wonderful. We have 3 cats with distinct personalities. In fact, I've never known any two cats who had anything like the same personality. On my blog I have a category on "Cats" devoted to stories about Max, Ernest and Harry.


There can't be too many idealist cats out there, I wouldn't think. Mine is definitely a pragmatist.


Yes, I think I did a much better job on Spike's test -- really nailed him, it did.

Big Sky Dave

Hee! CUTE kittens! Love the pose that Boo is demonstrating.

(ps - site working fine, SB - no problems on my end.)


Should have stopped by to say that it's AOK now - but you knew that, right?

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