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30 April 2004


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Beautiful picture, beautiful poem!


Cat-blogging AND poem day. Fantastic.

the five wheeling spokes
and stays of perfect lament

I like it.


Thank you more than I can or will express here. I think you know why, Sharon.

(Poetry ... Viking Warriors. A contradiction spinning about the heart of the Dragon.)

Kate S.

What a fantastic poem. How wonderful for you that you were fortunate enough to have a teacher who could pen so eloquently, loss. This part brought tears to my eyes, as I was transported mentally into their grief and was surprised at their ability to express, even to know:
"Back and forth, past one another,
pausing as if listening, then sharply
cutting the morning again into shard
upon shard of frantic and crested descent,
jagged slivers of raucous outrage,
they kept at it, crying singly, together,
alternately, as if on cue, discordant

"As if on cue, discordant anthem..." Wonderful.
Thanks to Wulfgar for pointing me here with the tip of his quill.


YOu know Pattianne Rogers? I'm so jealous! I *love* her stuff.

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