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27 April 2004


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I found the photos series of the birds utterly fascinating.
Do you know what kind of bird they are?

Big Sky Dave

Damn. I wish that I hadn't seen that picture of the grieving bird.


Randy, I believe this photographer is Chinese; all my bird books are about North American birds. I tried a Gooogle search for "birds in China" but didn't find it. If you do, please let me know.

Dave, I hope you clicked the Wilson Hsu link to see the whole sequence. It's very powerful.


If the bird picture is real it is phenomenal. If it is not real it is still a poignant image. I went to the site of origin and those images sure look genuine when seen full size. I'm going with phenomenal.

Thanks for referencing them.



Wow, SB... v. powerful series of photos. Great finds!

Johnathan Hubert

My grandmothers name was Sharon Brogan she is now dead. RIP

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