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13 May 2004


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Happy Birthday!


Bon anniversaire, as some of us say in these parts.

And, wonderful photos, wonderful idea. Your smile gets bigger with every year.


Happy BD, I beat you to 56 by a month! S'not so bad-- so far.

I have my mom sending pix from the early years--so I can rise to my own challenge. May take me a bit. You got right on the ball, you did! Congrats and do something highly caloric or mildly nutty today. Tell us about it!-- Fred


Happy birfday!!! :D


Happy Birthday!! The pictures are such a great idea - they're wonderful! I especially love the last one...you look so happy :))

Hope you're having a lovely day today, and here's wishing you many many more!


Happiest of Birthdays! You have a terrific smile.

As for the meme, in my own way, I kinda already did that. ;-)


Big Sky Dave

Looking good, Sharon! Your beauty and inner smile is evident in each of the pictures -- except maybe #5!


Best wishes - happy birthday!


Thank you all for your good wishes --

& Dave, what a good eye you have -- #5, of course, was at the age I was trying to look beautiful & sultry, & all that makeup . . . it was a brief abberation.

chris murray

Hi Sharon--

A Very Happy Birthday to you. Lovely to see the series of fotos and to read such good thoughts. Thanks!

Best Wishes,


Anny Ballardini

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