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07 May 2004


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>Or by the fear of what I could do, set down, as >these young soldiers were, in a place of fear?

I am almost ill with fear and rage and disgust over this.

But yes, that young woman haunts me. Because she *is* a woman, perhaps. Or because ... I don't know.

... I keep remembering, I met a widow once, whose husband had, as a very young man, fought in WWII Pacific. He came home, lived a sterling life by her account, life insurance agent, gentle and loving father to five boys. When he died she found his collection of human ears.

What to do with them. What to do with any of it. What any of us might do.

I'm glad you like the poem.


Belatedly I realize that is a poem. Put it up on my sight, just a real rough first draft. Thank you. I needed to say something, too.

Account Deleted

Bad things happen in life as the whole cosmic system is governed by inscrutable laws of Karma... as we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more! If they were only happiness in life... all would become monotonous... meaningless! Only when we suffer... we understood true value of happiness... never otherwise!

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