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12 May 2004


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Today has been my first visit to your blog. Your poems are beautiful and moving.... this one especially touched me as I've been living with ME/CFS for 9 years. Thank you for bringing these words to life.


... making friends is hard work. Maybe we could double-date? Take our illnesses out to a nice weepy movie?

Joe G

Since my lovely spouse has FMS/CFS, I have found a web site that has helped me understand her better and cope with her illness. It's, http://fibrohugs.com check out "The Letter To Normals" to better understand what these victims of this horrible disease are going through.



That communicates so well to me - and communicates what I myself feel. I have a strong reach to LIVE - to take those hikes and build those gardens, to create so many things. And my limitation is always - always - that it will be too much, that it will hurt, that I'll be unable to complete the task and sick for weeks afterwards just for trying.

Your poem brought tears to my eyes, but I am glad to have read it - I understand what you are saying!

Hege Renate Lochting

I really love your poem. Can I post it on my blogg with your name under it?

Critical illness cover

Independent studies have shown that most employees do not monitor or maintain their chronic conditions at work because they don't want people to know they are ill. What's worse, resources that could help the ill employee are not being accessed because little or no conversation is taking place between employees and their managers. To complicate matters, employees also have the right to confidentiality, making it even more difficult to talk openly about chronic illness in the workplace.

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