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29 May 2004


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intensely deep and powerful post sb.

it sure provides one with food for thought, along with the then required soul searching and introspection (digestion), if one cares or rather dares to do so anyway.

what you wrote can, of course, obviously be taken to mean or even mean to be taken in various ways: i.e., whether relating to our own emotional states (or, states of mind if you will) and our own experiences with them one way or another -- as well as our unique perceptions of them -- regardless of what may be considered the most likely influence (internal or external: e.g., spiritual, psychic, diet, past or current trauma and/or abuse, the human condition itself, ... or whatever) or, likewise, with the emotional states [as well as behavior(s)] of others (etc.), including the possibility of projection or transference of emotions, thoughts or opinions (etc.).

I feel as if I can certainly relate in my own way with what you shared.

thank you for doing so. much appreciated.


The 'Rage Monster', once given a voice, so often bows its head and returns to sleep. It is when it is denied that its appetite grows and its powers of destruction wreak unexpected havoc.


very well put Francesca.

an *Amen* to that.

this has often been my observation and understanding as well, though I had never found the words to desribe this that were quite as clear and concise or, as poetic, as the two of you have tonight.

thank you.


feel the rage
as you squirm inside your cage
time lost
just another way of giving

another age
you walk out on the stage
time lost
just another way of living

(part of something also written around 20 years ago)

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