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28 June 2004


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outside the window
of my third-floor office
crows shriek and gurgle

Big Sky Dave

THAT is one cool crow.


Crows screech, "We're all that!
The Magpies beg to differ,
"Are you shiny blue?"


four eggs, separated -
even before breakfast
eating crow


A poem dance - how nice!

field ridges frozen -
a crow scrapes sound
from a crack in the sky



Oh, how fun!

Norman Darlington

hard wind
the shadow of a crow
still beside mine

- Norman

Morgan W. Brown

clever and dark winged fathom,
flying lofty amid brilliant
gray-blue skies with the green
earth below as your hungry trail,
who seems to think itself
as the one and only trickster
with something to crow about


on the snowbank by the road
a calligraphy of crows
poem to the coming night

Morgan W. Brown

okay SB, here a shorter version

clever and dark winged
trickster with much
within to crow about

Big Sky Dave

A murder of crows.
Guilty as charged.
A crime of passion...
that they could not foresee.
But now it is done,
and the crows know.
Their time will come.

Hey - cut me some slack -- remember, this whole "poetry" thing is new to me!

Morgan W. Brown

Yeah me too Big Sky Dave and, I've been doing for a while. Go figure! :-)


Four crows eating at the picnic table
One named Cain and one named Able
This table's mine said Cain
No it's not said Able
I can kill you said Cain
But you won't said Able
Oh yes I will said Cain,
Remember the Bible fable
You mean when Cain killed Abel?
Haha but my name is Able
said Able.


Oops! Correction:
The above poem should begin:

Two crows eating at the picnic table...

(not four)


In the last moment,
as the final breath was drawing nearer
I saw an angel flying with a crow
Looking for those who are near
To beckon them with the release of death
to take their souls back home.


on the hillside
over the coulee
an ancient snag of a tree.

wizened branches dotted
with a flock of starlings --
tiny, black.

on the highest branches
two giant elders
not crows -- ravens.

Alan Summers

A Murder of Crows haiku series

mist haze-
a crow cleans its beak
on a rooftop aerial

a hooded crow
pecks just outside
the penalty area

rooftop verandah -
a crow's drawn out cry
above the pizzaria

powdered snow -
a crow's eyes above
the no parking sign

floating snowflakes -
the triple caw of a crow
within the tree

Sarpy Sam

The crow extends it wings too fair
But misses the currents that maintains its air
Knowing that lifes a fragile thing
Meets with others to deaden the pain.


she waits
for her lover
a crow alights
on her shoulder
to pick at the carcass
of what was once her
bleeding heart
and still
she waits


winter poplar
buds crawk open
into crows


a knotted line,
knuckled black leather legs
-- silhouetted twigs
regular Mr. Crow and his
crow knees gathered,
edging the sky


playful dogs -
the strident caw
of a nesting crow


Black crow rest against
the maple’s red buds,
resting against the white sky.

The plane’s white exhaust
twists into clouds of many.

A foot is shifted,
falling snow turns
into a white waterfall.

Widening, the blue sky
adds more sun for the day’s light.

All this in five minutes.

Big Sky Dave

Wow. Just WOW. What a great thing this has become, Sharon! Hmmmm...maybe we should do this on a regular basis!


Ha, we're winning Dave over! Next thing you know he'll be down at Barnes and Noble checking out the poetry section .... :-)

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