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25 August 2004


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It's lovely.

*sigh* I wish I could write poetry, but I appear to be a non-fiction-writer-kinda-guy :-)


this audioblog is, by far, the best thing the internet has left on my doorstep in recent memory. reading's fine, but hearing is so much nicer, more participatory. i particularly enjoy your mashing of 'nervous' with 'courtyard'; and the young man turning into a scratching branch. magical. thank you, by the way, for your encouraging note. if i had your strength and resolve of spirit, i'd have more than my few paltry "pomes."


its okay...
i love to write and express everything, but sometimes i'm only a non-fiction writer as well.
but now that i've have kinda worked at it i've gotten to were i can write about pretty much anything...but non-fiction writing is great because usually it helps connect the reader to you:)
thats what i do wen i'm reading others' work i try to compare it to something in my life.
so best of luck to you Ryan...and i hope you can break outta your comfort zone :)

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