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20 September 2004


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mº jose sassi

Espero que alguien aqui entienda español para que elea esto tan lindo.


Es hielo abrasador, es fuego helado,
es herida que duele y no se siente,
es un soñado bien, un mal presente,
es un breve descanso muy cansado;

es un descuido que nos da cuidado,
un cobarde, con nombre de valiente,
un andar solitario entre la gente,
un amar solamente ser amado;

es una libertad encarcelada,
que dura hasta el parasismo;
enfermedad que crece si es curada.

Éste es el niño amor, éste es su abismo.
¡Mirad cuál amistad tendrá con nada
el que en todo es contrario de sí mismo!.

Francisco de Quevedo.


This is what AltaVista gave me:

I hope that somebody aqui understands Spanish so that elea this so pretty.


It is burning ice, it is frozen fire,
it is hurt that hurts and it does not feel,
he is dreaming well, badly presents/displays,
it is a brief rest very tired;

it is a negligence that gives care us,
a cowardly one, with name of brave,
to walk solitary between people,
to only love being loved;

it is a jailed freedom,
that it lasts until the parasismo;
disease that grows if it is cured.

This one is the young love, this one is its abyss.
You watch which friendship will have with anything
the one that in everything is opposite of itself.

Francisco de Quevedo.


Gracias, mº jose sassi

Sarpy Sam

The picture and quote about the 2004 computer is a fake. I will state for a fact that what you are looking at in the picture is the contol panels for a nuclear power plant aboard a US submarine. I spent enough time behind those panels and operating them when I was in the Navy to recognize them at a glance.


Whoa! Thanks, Sam -- I've no idea where the other blogger got it -- did you leave a comment on his blog?

but it's funny anyway, don't you think?

Sarpy Sam

Yea I admit it's kind of funny. My understanding is that this is going around different blogs and I don't think anybody knows who originated it.


Well, it seems to be a week for falsified documents . . .


Actually it is from some sort of mailing list where all those funny and weird things get posted sometimes.
I was quite aware the picture could have been faked for the fun of it but I actually didn't care much.

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