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26 October 2004


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Excellent article. Thanks. Wait until the sleepwalkers finally wake up. Talk about rude awakenings.


Thanks, you've helped explain why it is dems keep losing -- I never honestly imagind y'all were dumb enough to believe this crap, but it does explain a lot.


Heh. I'm not surprised by this. I hang out in the ANTIbush room on WinMX, and every repub we get spouts something about obeying our president through thick and thin
or how we're traitors
Or why happiness is a bad thing.

Wayne Baldwin

I find it almost laughable that now we have liberal democrats preaching the objectivity of reality. Your mass of converging ideals is inherently self contradicting. Not to mention the fallacy that you lock people up with that have a different point of view than yourselves. Liberal democrats tend to be some of the most closed minded people in society. This is akin to Sigmund Freud’s fallacy of the defense mechanism of denial. No one could argue with Freud successfully that they were or were not neurotic. He could simply fall back on the accusation of denial … which is what your whole article has stooped to.

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