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07 October 2004


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Re: the November novel idea.

I checked out the link and it looks like I may give it a go! Even if I don't finish...


Frighteningly, I'm considering NaNoWriMo. Though if I do it, I intend to cheat -- to continue work on the embrionic kid's novel Plain Kate, which is currently coming up on 7,500 words.

But when you write at a poet's pace, a two-month novel is plenty challenging enough.


Kalamity, have you written a novel, or other fiction, before?

Erin, at least you know what you're doing. I'm hoping that if I try it, my friend Cindy will take the challenge and finish her mystery novel.


SB! I've tried to do it twice, once in 2001 and once in 2002 -- Both times I petered out at about a third of the required length, but I had lots of fun doing it and got to exercise my creativity. Don't think anyone would want to read what I wrote, though. :)


Yukino! *There* you are!



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