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08 October 2004


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The Secret Service would never allow the WH to reveal that the bump was part of a vest or protective device...one suspects it is GPS transmitter so the S. Service team knows exactly where the POTUS is, physically, at all times if they need to close the protective envelope or remove him. In a world where zealots will destroy an entire building to kill one man, they need to know exactly where the POTUS is, dead or alive.

Apart from taking a deep breath and applying a little common sense — as in if we could see it , so too could the Kerry campaign and they would be the first to howl — I can understand partisans making this charge had Bush performed well or aced Kerry, but it doesn't make sense in the face of his miserable performance that night.

The media raps Bush for having "30 minutes of material, in a 90 minute debate" then claims he was fed answers?


This is an interesting suggestion, and the most plausible I've heard.

How do you explain the -- not just poor performance, but scattered, erratic, "spacey" performance -- at the first debate?


I dunno...he was out visiting hurricane victims in the heat for most of the afternoon ...but he's in great shape and his team would have made sure he had some downtime prior to the debate.

I agree that he appeared very distracted...perhaps something was going on in the background...a planned op was underway...or a shoe was expected to drop.

Everyone forgets that the POTUS, whomever and wherever he is, has a lot of balls in the air that we never know exist and we are at war and under attack.

All Kerry has to do is memorize his crib sheets, get his hair and makeup done...Bush is running a country and a war.


Well, we do of course see this through different lenses.

I was actually a bit reassured by the theory that wired 'prompting' threw him off balance. One of my lenses is political; but another is that of a clinical social worker -- and that lens saw signs of cognitive and emotional dysfunction.

In the second debate, the President seemed to function much better intellectually, but was still emotionally brittle.

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