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14 October 2004


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Bush's incompetence and dysfunction have killed thousands. Perhaps tens of thousands. Clinton's didn't.

Dr Zen

I'm not sure Bush's supporters do actually go through that process. They have managed to rationalise the war on Iraq (so he lied to get there but Saddam is gone and it's just the turrists who don't like our being there), they have jobs themselves so they're not too worried about lost jobs, and actually, it's not that the economy is weak (it isn't) but that it is fundamentally flawed (which is too hard for the rubes to understand). Fox is telling them that the president won the 2nd and 3rd debates (even they know it's absurd to suggest he won the 1st; he would have lost to a mime); they sell shouty as passionate and avoiding the question as staying on message.

I wish the Bush fans were capable of thinking it through, but sadly, many have allowed blind fear and misguided jingoism substitute for that.

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