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15 October 2004


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Just reading that gave me a stomach ache.
CNN should cancel crossfire and give Stewart the slot.


I just happened to have seen that too -- I don't think I've ever seen Stewart that serious (though he's always that intelligent) -- it's a shame they didn't have the discussion he was trying to have. It could have been good.

Nice coverage of it in your post, btw...;~))

Ellen Dana Nagler

Thanks for the trackback -- there's a thread ("Recommended Diaries") on Daily Kos that has about a gazillion comments. I haven't read them. Too much howling for my taste. I appreciate that comments on BOP are usually cogent, thoughtful, and go to the issues expressed or underlying the author's reason for posting. And your post here is excellent. You capture the frustration Stewart was obviously feeling, and that those of us who watch the media feel all the time. (Stewart expresses it better!)

Begala and Carlson were not ready for it, they didn't know what to do when Stewart wouldn't play the game. Bravo Jon!!!


I wish I'd seen it. I really like Jon Stewart! He's right on the mark in what he was trying to put forth. It's a shame he wasn't taken seriously :(


I found a link to multiple streaming media of Stewart's Crossfire appearance and it's here on my blog: Dept. of Free Speech.

It was a great day for thinking people of conscience.


Thanks, Maggie!


In a seminar I attended earlier this fall, we started discussing the he-said-she-said debate format, and how it perpetuates the muddled centrism of the public: Set the range of opinion by presenting two positions as 'extremes' (no matter their relative ideological proximity), and the average viewer assumes that the 'correct' position is somewhere in between the two views.

Our professor, having recently chatted with a welfare state researcher from Texas, affected the latter's drawl, and quoted his response to this approach:

"Ain't nothing in the middle of the road but yelluh lines and dead armadill-uhs."

I loved seeing Stewart pull the farce that is Crossfire apart. Someone book this man on Hardball, stat.

A Nony Mouse

Hi everyone, so glad this is getting the attention it deserves. It's like the emperor's new clothes...it takes the comedian to point out what no one else gets to say. Anyone who didn't get to see the CNN clip, just go on a file sharing program (for kaz.aa lite go to www.aldovargas.com) and there are lots of us sharing it so it can get spread around. And for fellow Daily Show fans and those with Tivo access, Please! Share Daily Show episodes on kaz.aa and do your part in bringing more political material (e.g. the debates, important interviews, etc) to the net for easy public access.

But more about Jon Stewart... He really has such integrity, despite how he mocks himself and everyone else. As opposed to certain politicians who can't think of a mistake they've ever made even when given the question ahead of time (ahem). I wish the country could just drop Bush & Kerry and have a bi-partisan nomination of Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart for president!!! I for one would vote for him. There are even some tshirts online for sale with Stewart/Collbert 2004 or 2008. I will buy one and wear it with pride. I am so glad he is getting the attention that he deserves, and I hope that the media attention to his show will plant the seed of self evaluation in their minds, leading to less spin on everyone's behalf. And please remember. Everyone is biased. It's whether they try to fool you into not realizing that counts. Like Jon said, they believe what they're saying but it's like the ends justify the means (lying/spin) in their minds. VIVA JON STEWART!


Jon rocked that place. The Crossfire people are just insane, I think I preffered O'reily calling Daily show watchers "Stoned Slackers" than watching those morons just wanting john to be their monkey.


The funniest moments were of Tucker insistent that JS "wasn't funny or wasn't being funny". What he failed to see was JS relegating them to their oft rehearsed roles of nonsensical monkeys. Yes senor Tucker and monsieur Begala, we weren't laughing with you, we were laughing at you :)


in addition to being a stoned-slacker daily show fan, i am also a post-grad stud. js is great, since i don't watch tv i only found out about js vs crossfire recently. bummer aboot the election. i hear canada is not so willing to accept us citizens

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