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15 October 2004


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I'm glad you liked my kitty sprites enough to mention them. Thanks


heh heh as you must have seen, I was a confused cat, and I didn't cheat either, kinds skeery for me. ;) Love your site.


cool how do i get my own?


I love Cats!!!!!!!!!!1


that is so cutie is that your cat


Thanks for making this website. It's great!!!


I love your site, it has helped my blog soooo much! I love your site! Visit my blog if you want at www.saphirepaw.blogspot.com


i think it would be better if it was like mara pets at www.marapets.com so see what they have fix this i will bring loads of friends on then

Stacie  Jolley

i love vertuall cats they are so fun and just as cute


i love cats they are so cool because you can play with them feed them and also pet them. CATS ROCK


Boring...... just signed up, and where do go that is virtual? Exactly my pont, not to be rude but you don't have anything but words and pctures and some links maybe.!.


i love cats to pieces but i cant find a virtual cat waaa!!xx

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