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27 November 2004


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Far from trivializing the issue, you have managed to subvert the author's argument while simultaneously raising larger points about the place and meaning of work that one rarely encounters outside of sadly forgotten anarchist tracts from a hundred years ago. Emma Goldman would have approved!



I always find it interesting that middle- and upper-class mothers are made to feel guilty for working, while poor mothers are made to feel guilty for NOT working.


Why do you think they call them nuclear families? Because they are made of fusionable material!

The end of the extended family, which we will never recover, was the beginning of a new set of challenges which we still are coming to grips with.

Of course, the Greek tragedies were about extended families . . .

Kate S.

Good job, SB. And I think Patia's observation really nails the political/social climate, which is coming to a head. If we are to believe the fundies, soon women will be back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and the kids will be asking where daddy is. "Who's that man that keeps dashing off every morning? Does he really live here?"
This is what we women get for wanting equality and a higher standard of life, right? Instead of sacrificing ourselves, we now are sacrificing our children?
Either way, for women, it does not seem possible that we will ever find our proper placement within the ancient hierarchy. We just can't win.

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