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25 November 2004


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Happy Thanksgiving Sharon!!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Isn't it wonderful to have so much to be thankful for?


I'm thankful for your words, your images, your energy.

Sarpy Sam

These friends, who sustain me.

That says it all. Hope your Thanksgiving was grand.

Kate S.

Awww... I love that little white doggie. I could squeeze the stuffin' outta him.

Speaking of stuffing: I hope you had a delightful day. I sure did, all by myself, on the couch, eating leftovers, watching delightful dvds, eating pie right out of the pan ... that's right, I had a whole mince-meat pie to myself. Delicious. I didn't even turn on the computer. The bright full moon kept me company all night long, with the candles on the mantle.

So, I hope you had a good day too. I loved your pagan ramblings. Do it some more.

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