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10 November 2004


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That clevercactus page says "Browse and access files between your different computers." I'm sure you saw that and since it's free for individuals, it might be worth a try (it says it's "private and secure" -- hopefully, that's true).


I'm afraid that my NaNoWriMo project that was never started will be added to the heap too...
Yes SB, thanks for selling me on Firefox - it's "mahvelous"!
I have been getting phishy e-mails from spoof e-bay, citibank & wells fargo. They seem like they're really acting up lately...


I get those innocent comments too but always delete them because it wastes people's time to click on the websites/ads even if they *are* dead links! Very annoying, yes.


Grrrrrrrr...I hate those comments, too - and I just don't understand the point. Non-existent domains? WTH?


I went back to delete those comments, and TypePad had already done it. I love TypePad.


Thanks for the link! I was wondering if anyone actually read what I wrote! haha, anyway I just do it to keep track of all the weird and wonderful thoughts. Aiming more for quality than quantity though, so have much problems churning out material regularly.

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