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12 November 2004


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"Few of the people I know IRL (In Real Life, for those of you just dropping by . . . ) read my blog, and most of those who do live far from me. "

Man, does that ever sound familiar! Near as I can tell, only two people I know in meatspace read my blog on a semi-regular basis. My family avoids it like the plague- wouldn't want to remind them that I'm a flaming liberal transexual ne'er-do-well musician!

It's funny- I have friends all over the world; Australia, Japan, the U.K., France, Canada, California, New York, Austin, Augusta, Minneapolis, etc... and they all know me better than anyone in the town where I live. I really do belong to a global village and it feels like my blog is my front porch.


I blog because I write much better than I speak.

I blog because I have a compulsion to share my inner landscape with someone.

I blog because it's easier to deal with people in the abstract.

I blog so I don't have to write the same thing in 10 different emails to 10 different friends. Most of them don't read my blog, but at least I can say I tried.


I blog because blogging motivates me to write down my thoughts about Judaism and share them. Sometimes my blog feels like a kind of salon or workshop, in which I toss out ideas and see how people react. It's good for me to write regularly, and it's easier for me to write regularly when I know somebody's going to see what I'm writing, so blogging is perfect.

Also, I've met some really neat people through my blog. That wasn't why I started it in the first place, but it's definitely part of why I continue it now. :-)


It seems you and i received inspiration today from the same wonderful source. :)

Why do i blog?
1) For someone with a chronic/serious illness or who's simply crunched for time, it's an easy way to connect with people and share ideas.
2) Partly for the adoration - i have a deep-seated need to be liked.
3) Partly to raise a fist to mortality and tell the world i'm still here.
4) I meet some of the kindest and most amusing folks via blogging.
5) Sometimes i make a total fool of myself or stick my foot in my mouth, which is actually a good thing. It helps me strive to be a better person.


I have a love/hate relationship with my blogs. Part of me would like to get out of it and another part of me just keep going.

The main reason I started to blog, with to test out my poetry on other people. Mostly I feel I get mix responded. So in end I decide to stick with not trying to published it.

Well I continue to blog when the Typepad needs to be renew. Right now I'm leaning towards of bowing out of the blog stuff. But that could change.


I blog first of all because I love self-publishing, second for the discipline, and third for the unique interactivity. A surprisingly large percentage of my regular readers are family and friends, though they rarely leave comments. I'm just beginning to realize how fortunate I am in that regard.


I blog so I can trace back and find again the things I saw before, or untangle a knotty thought or two ;-) It's a time and place to think where hopefully people read now and then.

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