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31 December 2004


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Michael Nobbs

Good luck with giving up smoking.

Thinking of you.

Happy New Year from Wales

Sarpy Sam

Good luck on giving up smoking. The one and only time I tried to quit smoking I succeeded. 13 years ago. I still want to smoke but I don't. You can quit. I'm proof.


A very happy new year to you too! :)


Good luck! I quit over a year ago, SB, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Ever. I smoked nearly 30 years - was 2 pack a day for most of that time. I'll be in the background here cheering you on. You CAN do this. I promise. The best part of all, SB, is how much BETTER I feel physically (and so will YOU)!

Sidharth Varma

Hey even i want to quit smoking. I ll do this along with you. Let's see who wins.

All the best. May GOD be with you.

Sidharth Varma


Good luck!!!

Do you like apples? That's one thing I did - ate an apple every time I craved a smoke. Two other things that worked for me (but may not for you): I convinced myself that that three to four days of lightheadedness and extreme craving were fun, a kind of inside-out drug high; plus, I told myself I wasn't really quitting, just taking a long break from smoking to see if I could do it. I still sometimes puff on a cigar - maybe two or three times a year, tops. For me, that all-or-nothing pressure, the feeling that I can never have another smoke as long as I live, always induced despair, precipitating backsliding. Better not to have anything to backslide from! But everyone's different.


And a most wonderous New Year to you!

I actually also quite smoking -- for real about 10 years ago, and before that for all practical purposes about 24 years ago. You CAN DO IT -- do it for Boo, Spike, Henry and Lucy!


Good luck, and I will be thinking good things for you.

Happy New Year! :D


Thank you all for your good wishes --

This should be a challenge easily met. Years ago I was a 2-pack-a-day smoker, then quit except for travel -- then an off-and-on smoker -- and now, for about a year, I've been smoking four or five a day.

This timing is excellent -- today is cold and blizzardy, no day to be sitting in the garden, wrapped against the weather, doing something that's not good for me.

Three cigarettes to go.


Good luck with giving up smoking. If you haven't already, please get a copy of Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Give Up Smoking -- it's just incredible. I stopped smoking the same day I read it, haven't had one since (five years!!), and I was always the militant smoker who would never give up.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Sharon!!! Hopefully the new year will be a lot better for you.

Tony James

That's great! It's always inspiring to see the support for people who wants to quit smoking. I have been an ex-smoker myself for 15 years. That is why I know exactly how it feels and also how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and the psychological aspect of it.

I now publish a newsletter to help people quit smoking with ease without the discomfort of cravings.

It is at:


Feel free to subscribe to it,

All the best to attaining a smoke-free life!

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