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10 December 2004


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I have two helpful cats and one destructionist during the holidays. The helpful ones sit quietly under the tree and have discovered that cats sitting under trees get a lot of attention for being cute and adorable. (so they sit under there... a lot).

The destructionist thinks that it's his job to body-slam the tree. I cannot understand him. But he'll fly at it from four feet away.


Hello, SB. Thanks for stopping by to visit me and the McKittens. Someone sent me a link to Iris and Fern's Christmas decorating photos last week; they are wonderful... and also part of the reason that we don't have a tree this year.

I've been thinking about a series of Feline Friday posts using close-up shots of parts of our cats' bodies. Not meant to objectify (hey, getta load of those paws!), but to illuminate, like good nude photography. On Little Cat Feet was the first. I'm considering ears, eyes, whiskers, noses, tongues, fur, and tails. Now I just have to explain the concept of posing to the McKittens... or, as in Friday's post, hunt through my photos and do some judicious cropping.


Kimberly -- this is a great idea! I might try it, too, if you wouldn't mind?

Kate S.

Lol, Melissa! I would like to see that body-slamming cat, flying at the tree from four feet away. What a picture. I will be chuckling about that as I decorate.

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