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08 December 2004


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Beautiful. Thank you for this.


Your words are so beautiful, you've brought a piece of real winter to my rainy world. Thank you.

Kate S.

We often hear our rivers groaning up here, too. They creak and crack and moan under the weight of the surface ice. Breakup sounds like a jumbo jet landing close by, then crashing into another at the end of the runway. I love the sounds of winter. A sterile peace, with punctuation.


Beautiful poem. Nearly a haiku, with its seasonal sense and reflection on nature. I love to look for a sense of awareness in poetry, or mono no aware in Japanese: that transient, poignant beauty that makes me clutch my heart.

BTW, the Linda Hogan poem is the first I've ever looked at closely. I think it's fantastic. "Nothing" not just as something, but as everything.



Amy, Linda Hogan is very popular in Japan -- so not an unexpected choice for you. Read on!

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