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26 December 2004


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I live in Thailand and I know how you feel. It's difficult to imagine how it feels like for a people who's so far away, right?

When I was doing my grad studies in Boston, my home country Thailand seemed far away also. But then again, you are right, when you think about loved ones, that place suddenly means something to you.

Like your blog a lot. Found it from blogspotting. Keep on doing this excellent work! :) I love poetry, too, but it's a Thai rhyme which is sort of difficult to share on the web.

May be one day I should start on my haiku inspiration! Gotta come back to check out your blog for some more ideas!

Ciao from Thailand.

p.s. The tsunami really hits us bad. A grandson of our King also perished in the sea, I don't think CNN got to report the news yet.

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