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27 January 2005


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Dick Jones

I thought - think - it a damn fine poem for the reasons I gave.

And DON'T feed the trolls...


Silly troll. I feel sorry for his lot -- they obviously don't have anything better to do.


Trolls are kind of useful. They help keep us humble, and they force us to call on reserves of humor - because if there's one thing that distinguishes a troll from an ordinary commenter having a bad day, it's the lack of a sense of humor. My advice: play cat-and-mouse. Have fun!

(For the record, I was not crazy about "The Ledge." I mean, it was O.K., and very well crafted, of course. But you've done much finer work, IMO.)


Let's here it for soul-edifying frivolity! And diveristy of life.

Pity its easier to complain in general than compliment in particular. It slants the world in a most discouraging way some days, doesn't it?

Had heard the word poetics before and I still don't grasp it fully.


That was simply beautiful. I have nothing else to add.

Kate S.

What's the opposite of progress? We are in a kind of kaleidescope in this cyberworld. The infusion of trolls is the sand making pits in the glass at the end of the cardboard tube. Only the kind and gentle spirit of a poet would lift him up and make him the star of the post.

I would have barbecued him slowly over open coals. A kind of poetic justice. Sheriff vs. varmint.


I don't usually comment on people's poem especially if not asked. But I will say why this one did not work for me. I knew the joke already so the ending couplet was just a let down. I was looking for something, I don't know, that played a little more with it. Because I liked the idea that he left off the ending. As for trolls, anyone not willing to own up to their own identity is just some poor lost soul. There's a ring waiting for them.

Lynn S

I hadn't read The Ledge before. That's a great poem. I shouldn't even bother to say 'ignore the trolls.' You know that, but I know they're hard to ignore. I don't get many but even when they're trolling someone else I often want to be face to face with them just so I can... oh, I don't know. I just want to punish them somehow. Severely.

About your not understanding why people like the poem... I think it's partly because it reminds us of something we have experienced.

I know more about music than poetry (and not as much about music as some people think) so I can more easily use music as an example. A lot of composers hate their own most popular works. It's often said that Tchaikovsky hated The Nutcracker. I read somewhere once that Chopin begged on his deathbed that his Fantasy Impromptu be destroyed. So who is most qualified to judge the greatness of a work? The artist is almost always self-critical but the reader or listener has no idea what the artist had in mind - what he or she was really trying to say. No answers. Just something to think about.

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