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02 January 2005


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Good going! You can do this!


You and me both. I've already failed but will try again in mere days...if not today I guess.

I so hope you succeed!!!! Sending good thoughts that you do :-)


When I first looked at the graphic I thought it meant "don't let the birds poop on your head!"

I'm not going to wish you luck quitting since it will all be you and nothing outside for you to succeed. I will send positive thoughts you way though. I hope they help.

Kate S.

You too? Good luck! I am still grappling with the conundrum. For cryin' out loud. Giving up illegal drugs and alcohol was a lot easier than this g-d habit. They must have figured out a powerfully-addicting cocktail in their additives to make giving up tobacco this difficult. No wonder it's one of the most powerful lobbies in the states.

When I was in high school (late 60s) we learned that Sweden was the first and only country who publicly stated their mission to be the first country to be totally smoke-free. I wonder how they're doing on that goal? Maybe I'll move there.

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