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26 January 2005


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I like this.

me i like this thing of yer s a lot cause I am sick to death of all them other pretentious oafs in the world of poetics.

change myy mind after reading yer things and yer boring repasted reviews like you is selling the obvious gueiness of your site . come on sis, do it. cut the cats and the slop!

i am the onle one beeing reel honest to ya


Yesh if you going complained about somebody site . At least do in english.

As for me,the poem is very excellent. I tried to read it last night, but feeling sick. Decide to wait untill I feel better. Alright I'm still not feeling better. But wanted to read it anyway :)

Kate S.

Beautiful imagery and sense of time. Crows lifting their wings in dissention. Hahaha! Those crows... I was watching two the other day, hopping around on top of the snow bank, one side of our driveway tunnel, next to the trees, on which I throw out old bread, crackers, pared produce, colorful vegetables and fruit peelings, splashing their pigment on white stew, a bright neon sign advertisement: "Good Eats" and the squirrels and birds and moose come by to nibble and knosh, but this time, two crows commandeered the post, daring any lesser creatures to challenge their imperialist ways. They ate their fill, then lifted off to go on patrol, leaving the majority for the minions, the underlings.

Hey. I couldn't figure out how to hear your audio version of the Ledge. There was nothing to click on, what did I do wrong, what did I miss? And how did you record it? I've tried yelling really loud at the monitor, but it didn't take... And that illiterate troll? Jealous. Just jealous. Send it back to school. It was a child that got left behind. Way behind.


Kate, you must have *flash* enabled, I think, to even see the audio bar -- perhaps you could enable it just to play the poem, and then disable it again?

Or, alternately, switch to Firefox, which provides enough protection through the AdBlock extension that you might feel safe enough to have flash always enabled. Or it lets you turn it on and off.


Great imagery...
Crows are fascinating to watch & listen to...

Adam Cohoon

love the poem

i blogged it

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