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08 February 2005


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He's sweet! I was thinking Peri - like winkle - but then I thought of other peris and decided against it.







Big Skybelly?


Hmmm... "Stevie Ray"? I'm such a total blues fan.


boldest and bravest...I like that description, bring to mind some hero names like Braveheart, he/she? is beautiful


How about Zen ? different :-)

Luccia Loren

What a gorgeous little budgie. I have two parakeets myself. One of mine looks almost exactly like yours. I have a Green and Yellow as well. Good luck with the naming. Sometimes the names just come out of nowhere and seem to fit. :)


Whatever name you choose, it should be worthy of a little bird who doesn't seem the least concerned about those beady little eyes just outside the cage.

How about Mister Magoo?


My little Dexter just died yesterday but my boys wouldn't let me wait on a new bird. First thing this morning they had me up to pick a new bird,his name is cuddles,right now he's more of a srapper which is why I wanted to name him scrappy a good name for a bold and brave bird as well.
Good luck


I am doing a study on this kind of parakeet and i wanted to know what type of parakeet is that in the picture?So if you could help me that would be great!! And do you kno the scientific name for a parakeet? please help me out

Heather O'Brien

My little Pete the Keet died this morning. I only had him for 1 week, but we got close. He died because his beek was crooked and he was un able to eat.:( so sad! Any ways, I coulden't just have an empty cage so I picked up a new little keet. I don't know what I want to name him. I was thinking Phil because He has a spot on the back of his head that looks like a bald spot (no strips, just yellow fethers) Looks a lot like Dr. Phil :) Will see, I need to let him get a personalety


Last July my dog herded a helpless Keet with deformed claws to the corner of the back yard. It's yellow with a little green and a flesh colored beak, and I named it Tootsie, since a bird expert told me it was a male but I wasn't sure. I thought it would die, but just last month I got it a male partner and they are madly in love. The male is a dusty, pale periwinkle that I chose for his personality. He needs a name. Thanks.

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