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04 February 2005


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Wonderful - but why are you dreaming of prisons?

Those dogs are here, too - and a cat who steals the pillows.


I used to work in a prison -- and it's a powerful metaphor, don't you think?

I do occasionally dream of prisons, but you can never be certain that my poems reflect my own reality. I often invent for the poem; even the narrator may not be me.

And sometimes my invented narrator may wander off and steal bits of someone else's experience, as I think you know, Ms. Moos.



Well, then I suppose that prisons popping up wouldn't be unusual.
As if dreams were "usual"...
I had one during my catnap this morning where I was in one of those places that changes as if it's perfectly natural. From an office building to a department store (kinda) then a huge armory like factory to a snowy hillside. All the time I was lost and walking around in a bikini. My bikini days have been over for decades.

I don't think that one deserves a poem - maybe a short story? I was glad to wake from it!


I am always dreaming again! Nice poem.

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