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11 March 2005


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Fan-damn-tastic. I am browsing your site when I see this very complete explanation of "Kill Those Bird Murderers" in my town. (I live in Milwaukee) The number of birds killed is vastly overstated, and what if a macho "hunter" accidentally kills someone's little darling (even if it had a collar on, would a hunter notice that, considering how impressively FAST a cat is?) A cat's capacity for running speed would help them a lot if some ditzy macho man was stalking it, right?

I have to talk about my No. 1 peeve regarding pet cats. Why are there so many stupid people who let their cat roam wherever it pleases outside??? As the old saying goes, "A safe cat is an indoor cat".

I volunteer at Milwaukee's beautiful, wonderful Humane Society. They started a program about a year ago wherein as many stray and feral cats as possible were captured.....then spayed/neutered and released. This was their alternative plan to avoid euthanizing them. It was estimated we had 200,000 cats running loose.

By spaying/neutering as many of the stray cats as possible, natural selection then would decrease their population eventually. But to have some jerk with a gun trying to shoot and kill a cat is beyond all humane reason.

And BTW? I am exceedingly happy that goofball with the loaded gun in his kitchen, the gun that his Kitty-Kat knocked over and goofball got shot, got exactly what he deserved. Guns!! Don't get me started. Haha

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