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04 March 2005


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Your little dog is just cute as a bug!


What a beautiful family! I think our dogs would get along wonderfully. (Can't answer for the cats.)

What you write (and quote) here really resonates for me. I have been feeling for some time the disjunction of eating meat yet loving animal companions. It's not yet resolved, but I'm thinking on it.



mrs. skippy and i own 6 cockatiels, (used to have 8 but two have died). they all have individual personalities, and beyond that, they all have individual moods.

some are shy, some are macho, some are demure, some are curious, some are happy go lucky, some are grumpy...

just like people! go figure!

jenni russell

Your budgie looks exactly like Shelley! Wow, you take great photos, i suck at photos!


Oh, Jenni, it's not the photographer, it's the lovely Fujifilm 3800 digital camera, and taking 50 shots to get one that's decent. Sometimes 100.


I don't feed the birds seeds here - the farmer gets upset with sunflowers in the crops. About two months ago, I bought this sock looking thing - really a net bag - filed with peanuts. I hung it on a tree, and it has been there all this time. Well, yesterday the black capped chickadees discovered it. We're all having the time of our lives. They're feasting, I'm a voyeur!

Your photos are always wonderful.

All the animals I've had the honor of knowing have had distinct personalities. Human ones included...


They're all indeed adorable, SB, but i cannot get over how intensely beautiful Blue is. Really lives up to his name, doesn't he?

Miss O'Hara

How charming! Reminds me of my house when I was younger - we had dogs, birds, fish, a hamster..lol


SB -I'd love to add a bird to my clan, but I'm not sure how the others would react. Are there any problems keeping Blue protected?


Blue lives in the sunroom, which is where I spend most of my day, and which can be closed off from the rest of the house -- and the cats. The dogs are trained to leave birds alone, inside or out, since garden birds often land on the garden pavers when we are out enjoying the day.

Blue also has two cages -- one big one, and a smaller one that can be carried into the living room. A few shots with the water sprayer have convinced my two, somewhat aging, cats to leave that cage alone. This means Blue can come into the living room with me in the evenings, though I don't always do this.

The sunroom is off the kitchen, which is not ideal, as I have to be especially careful about little bird hazards, and always remember to close the door when he is free so he doesn't fly into the cat-inhabited rooms.

But I did have my other parakeets for several years in this situation with no disasters. So it can be done.


Thank You!

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