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10 April 2005


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I kind of wish I'd gotten some of the citron, it sounds absolutely delicious! Glad you're enjoying it. :)


Oh, and it must be working -- Adagio is now on the first page of search results for "tea."

Alcuin Bramerton

On the subject of a connoisseur vocabulary, a traditional Norfolk koan comes to mind:

What is a blog?

A blog is a voluntary extension
Of the conscious self
Into the planetary domain
Of awareness.

A blog is a single neurone's
Singular contribution
To all that is
In the nervous system
Of the planetary mind's
Human intellection department.

Two things
Are becoming apparent,
Of course.

First, blogs and dreams
Are beginning to merge
In consciousness.
What is the difference
Between a blog and a dream,
After all?
And who cares?

And second, the planetary Blogos
On Earth
Is beginning to interlink
With the much larger interplanetary,
And inter-dimensional
Levels of being which,
Through a nexus of data links,
Keep a benevolent eye
On each other
For the greater good
And enlightenment of all.

But what of words?
With regard to the emerging
Vocabulary of the weblog world,
The semantics
Of cyberspace,
Perhaps it is the case that
Cosmos and Blogos
Interpenetrate spiritually,
Ecosphere and Blogosphere
Interpenetrate metaphorically,
And Ecosystem and Blogosystem
Interpenetrate experientially.

Blogic, perhaps, is Biotic
Rather than Abiotic.
Or might it be Devic?

The philologist behind you
In the fish shop
Knows that the word "devic"
Comes from the Sanskrit "deva"
Meaning "shining one".

He also knows that Sanskrit
Has a significance beyond
The sub-conscious
Of the sub-continent.

But all this could be a lot of tosh.
Tosh is the pabulum of toshers.
But not all toshers are politicians
And yesterday's self-serving saviours.

Some toshers write blogs.
And some bloggers write tosh.

What is a blog, actually?
And which tosh is veridical?

More may be encountered:


This place seems to be offering the same type of link program, may want to put them up also. We all know free = good.


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