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12 May 2005


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I like the joke about the two posters. The joke would work with two blog posts too! ;-)

I'm like you, I try to ignore the illness as much as possible which, I guess, is why I didn't go into how it "feels" to have M.E. in my post. I read the words "life-altering" on one website today and that was enough for me. Waaaaaaaaah!!! Ya, I feel like I'm living the life of an old lady too. I really should get an old cat and knee stockings to complete the image. ;-)

Montana Jones

In this age of memes and sound bites you should welcome the jokes as a way to raise awareness. Face it, "CFIDS/ME & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day" is difficult to say, difficult to type, and for those of us not familiar with it, difficult to remember. A good simple joke will go a long way. Laughter can build bridges to others and laughter can cure.

So if you are willing to do Cronic Fatigue Activism, I will be willing to get pumped up about fatigue.

Joe G

Sharon, I admire you for not wanting to be a "symbol of pain". With my wife sometimes she just wants to be understood. She's had FMS/CFS for 10 years and her 5 brothers and sisters just don't get her. They still think that she's being a bitch if she cancels going to Birthday parties and other family gatherings. I used to get mad about their behavior, but I know it's tough to understand and I still catch myself "slipping" and pushing her too hard. Best Wishes, Joe G

Kate S.

Thank you for writing about this subject. I know people don't usually go out of their way to understand anything that doesn't directly effect them -- and that can be very frustrating. When you have several debilitating diseases, the word "bitch" doesn't even describe the coldness one feels from "friends" who just don't get it. Not even a phone call to check up on, which would do wonders to raise the spirit.

So, I'm with ya! We're all here with you, laying right beside you, moaning and groaning every time we move, in perfect harmony. (Now isn't THAT a site? lol)

Kate S.

Whoops! I meant: isn't that a "sight." Yawn. More coffee...


I like the joke.

Keep your immune system primed.

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