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11 June 2005


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I still wonder what made you decide for an IBook.
Isn´t there a problem in getting all new software?
That is what is keeping me from Apple. I have lots of old PC software - and heaps of open source software for my Linux PC. With Apple I would have to spend lots of money on buying new software, wouldn´t I?


Cute cats and good choice on the iBook


The kitties look mossy too!



Having to get new software depends on what software you use. Mac's usually come with the basic suite of communications, and graphics,plus iTunes, Quicktime and that range of software.

There is a bunch of shareware out there that addresses a lot of other needs.

But, yes, there might be the need for new sofware, but it will be Mac software -- mostly easier to use and fun!


Congrats on the iBook. They are things of wonder.



The new software concern is a big part of why I've not done this before -- especially when I needed to be compatible with work computers.

But now, most of the software I use is free (Firefox and Thunderbird) or otherwise doesn't really matter to me. I've always preferred Wordperfect, but haven't had it for some time; so whatever word processor is in front of me is fine.

My major concern was Photoshop Elements, and since Adobe sent me a Macintosh replacement for the cost of shipping ($5.95) I'm happy with that.

Also, a lot of the software on my Windows machine is security and/or maintenance related -- firewall, anti-virus, Spybot, AdAware, SpyBlaster, Norton Systemworks (which is years old anyway) -- none of which, I'm told, I will need with the Mac -- though I will probably install a free anti-virus program, just in case.

I sure hope it's as cool as they say.

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