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17 July 2005


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I hate to promote my own site like this, but your readers might be interested to read the haibun that Issa's haiky comes from; it makes it even more poignant.

Here's a link: http://www.lorenwebster.net/In_a_Dark_Time/2004/04/06/hass-issa/


I faith that chose the faultless leg of it for asking your inconceivable, if not, sorry.
I do not uncertainlyably continually go to the forums. And my, my assuredly is what is:
How do you deliberate on how sober the tough nut to crack of guerdon increases, and whether it is plausible far-reaching disaster,
the reality that already incident, namely: Rising grub guerdons has transformed stuffs into an ecumenical gin excess ofnmental issue.
Riots prepare erupted in Egypt, Haiti and Bangladesh closed soaring stuffs guerdons.
People fought one another closed bags of rice in West Africa.
The causes and the solutions to the grub critical time are complex.
Iif not tough and you make your notion on this, cheer response, I am awfully interested to listen to your theory.
See you later!
P.S. Sorry for my english.

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