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20 August 2005


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The mystic cat didn't answer? Bad sign. Communication with the mystic requires an open mind, methinks.

Shakespeareanly yours,



Hello, SB. Anyone home?


There is much out there
beauty, expansive, open.

There is much inside the same.

Hope you find both, re your poem and sad comment, when you get home.


above post re Snapshot 17 August 02005

be well,



yes ginger, thank you.


Great... was wondering if anyone was home here.


And I must get me one of 'em Jane Austen figures... for the girl that has... everythang!!


OK, what's happening here? Have I accidentally fallen into the Twilight Zone? Just noticed the date of these replies. Holy Cowplatter!! *August 2005* ?

Oh well. I clicked on an unfamiliar address in my sitemeter and here I am. Kind of bizarre? What the heck, I'm old and senile, what do I know?

But whoever it was who visited me, I'd like to express my gratitude....it's very lonely out there in Blogland. LOL

I have the feeling the owner of this domain sort of likes cats which--obviously--makes him/her a wonderful human being in my book. Yeah!

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