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19 August 2005


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Ryan Schultz (Quiplash)



I love your Friday squirrel blogs--don't stop, they're truly appreciated.


Wow -- thanks for telling me. I have been thinking of them as filler, while awaiting Friday feline inspiration.


Whooee! You sure that squirrel's jest cleanin' his mitt? Looks t' me like he might be a polytickle rodent up on the stump makin' gestures an' speechifyin' t' a horde o' vermin squirrels below.

I can jest imagine what the rabble-rousin' bushy-tail is tellin' his four-legged followers --

"Invade the human homeland! Chew through their walls! Nest in their attics! Drive 'em crazy with scrabblin', gnawin' an' scratchin'! Don't give the humans a minute's rest!"

I got me a war on squirrels that's invadin' my house an' home. I ain't sure who's winnin' the war but I think mebbe it's them.

Yores trooly,


Squirrel, eh? Neat blog, have I posted here before? Maybe. Anyway, reading today and find you and Pris are afflicted with the same physical disorder? Condolences.

Best to You,


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