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07 October 2005


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I have heard that the saying originated in London, where there was a very population of stray cats and dogs. In a heavy down pour flooding would unfortunately drown many of the animals leaving their bodies in the gutters giving the impression that they'd fallen with the rain.

I found this post very enjoying and interesting to read. One of the few that actually taught me something that I had never heard of.
I had no idea that farmers were having a problem with cheetahs! Nor have I heard of the Anatolian shepherd dogs. That is very interesting that they are large enough to scare away a cheetah, by just their size. I always had thought cheetahs were in-destructible, fast, and unafraid, as a kid. Apparently not...but that's OK. They are such beautiful animals though. At least someone was able to think of a safe idea (quite a creative idea) to keep this under control. And it was successful :o)
Also, I had no idea about the "raining cats and dogs" background. I just thought that was some kind of old saying. Learning about the actual background helps to make since of all those theories and sayings. Helps show where they came from, how they evolved, and why it may be in tall-tales or stories. I don't know if you read the other comment about the fact there was an over-population, and the water drowned them, so when they saw the bodies washing away, it was like they had fallen in the rain. That's really sad though...


This Photo Website is about Cats and Dogs


This Photo Website is about My Big White German Shepherd Dog

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