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09 November 2005


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Wow. That's exactly how I feel sometimes. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


So skip this week. Sometimes you just need a mini vacation. Just let the mind wander around for a week

Or could take one my poems and rewrited it.Now that one be interesting to see.


Truly demented.

And, too funny!!


That's grreat.


Good one. ;-)


This is wonderful... I've lifted it... I hope you don't mind! I know exactly how that person feels.


Ah, yes, a friend sent that to me recently when I was up against a deadline. It captured my feelings fairly well.


The deadline animation is brilliant . I too am going to borrow it, hoping that's OK? I've joined the madness of NaNoWriMo and this couldn't be more relevant.


I want to lift it too -- but I don't know how! :(

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