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11 November 2005


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The photos of the squirrel adopted by the Papillon family are truly wonderful.

I am jealous of PeeWee and Sadie; it is a rare day when our Sally (Miniature Schnauzer) doesn't thump our cat, Furio. And he is a ginger cat, too!


I always come here expecting something a little interesting. Haven't been disappointed yet. Wonderful stuff!

Vesna Radivojevic

I've just found your blog via Blaugustine, and I love it. Growing up, I had this shy and somewhat wild cat who was friendly only with our dog. They slept together during cold nights, cat over dog's stomach, to warm him up. Cat would let us pet her only when she felt like it, but had no problem with the dog, who, of course, was hostile to all other cats. And they were both adults when they first met. I still find this both amazing and amusing.
And not to forget - you are so lucky to have such cute, fat, yellow suirrels in your backyard. Great photos.


That you can write quiet, lovely things like this and wonder about the worth of your work speaks volumes about what you will do as an artist.

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