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17 December 2005


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Wonderful pictures! I thought I'd left this before, but perhaps it didn't go through.
Stay healthy and warm when you're not out really enjoying yourself. We make our own world, don't we?

Go climb a mountain, take a hike, ride a bike, fly a kite, jog a few miles, just enjoy your winter!

Or, maybe we don't. Maybe we just have to live with what's befallen us that we have not chosen. Life's not fair, is it?


Hi SB! Nice to talk with you again. Hope you're doing well.


You have inspired a post on my own blog. I love your posts and want to share them with the world. They contain so much wisdom.


All comments to Watermark must be approved by me before they show up. That's why you are having problems.

I think the notice about that got lost during the recent TypePad glitch; hopefully it will show up again soon.

Also, it's good to leave an email address -- the address won't show, but I'll be able to email you if there is a problem.

AND -- please feel free to leave your URL so that folks can click through to your site.


Question- what happened to my first post? Are you selectively choosing posts?


The top comment posted here is the first I received -- could be that TypePad is still not entirely functional, and that whatever you first wrote will appear later.

And yes, I am selectively choosing posts. There are 27 comments altogether from you, most of which say "still not posting" -- so I chose to publish those comments which had more substance.

The whole point of moderation is to allow the blog owner to be selective -- this is, however, the first time I have not published non-spam posts. It just seemed redundant. I have, by the way, submitted a Help Ticket regarding the disappearance of the 'comments are moderated' notice. Hopefully it will reappear soon.


Sorry about the delay in responding, this the the first chance I've had to get back to the computer. Well, at any rate, no matter if the moderated comment was there or not. I guess I assumed the first post posted and didn't pay close enough attention to the rest, cause I can't remember if I looked back at it or not, but I thought it posted, hence the confusion.

I read on one of your links that you had been sick, I think the one where you posted the photo montague, and I vaguly remember reading something before about your being ill. Or maybe it was that you seemed depressed. But by the tone of your post it seems you are doing very well. Anyway, don't get sick again, like I said, go and enjoy winter. Wish I could hike those wide Montana skies with you!!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and stay healthy.

Best regards,



Those are very nice winter kitty photos. Looks like a perfect cat home -- space to roam, sunshine, and things to climb.

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