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11 January 2006


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comandante agi

Ok, after the second blog I knew it was a trick. Damn you for making me want to get to the end.


I'm just clicking to see how far this goes. Teehee.

casey kochmer

Ah but its fun to do the walk about... Its not about the joke, its about the journey and along the way.. well its nice to comes across others on the same blond joke walk a bout...

and even the occasional rogue poet :)

:) nice

may the cats and squrriels (i cant spell just a poet me self) treat ya well!


This is pathetic.

Ivan Minic



I totally love it!!!!
And am SO changing my haircolour -> blondes really have more fun!!


yeah it took me this long to figure it out, lol, and yes I happen to be blonde. dirty blonde though, so I can at least claim some intelligence.

screw you guys, I'm going home!


Probably the smartest person I've ever known was a spitfire little blonde who played dumb.

Probably the dumbest -- or at least the most gullible -- people I've known were the men who patiently explained things to her when she made some particularly stupid exclamation.

Such as, while driving through farmland, Oh! I've always wondered -- how does spaghetti grow?

She was a brilliant musician, and a 4.0 college student. Science major, as I recall. Double-dates with this woman were better than a Broadway show.



A Blonde in a Corvette at a blinking red light............


this is really frustrating! where is the blond joke. I keep getting shuffled from one link to another. WTF?


I am SO blond...

Frank Paynter

Help! Any chance I could get you to take down the link? I've delinked Madame Levy and she's delinked Ali... we're running out of bandwidth downstream and you would be doing me a big favor! Thanks in advance!

i need a good laf


omg that was like so totally cool and i am not even like half way done with it like, like, like it was just so completly cool like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What??!!!! So confused until I realised, there is no joke!!! Help!

hey LOZ are you blonde?


i am invite the jokes .i am beleve the laugh.


check out this amazing jokes site it also has games and funny pictures http://www.laughatjoke.com

sandy ca

wtf that was stupied but funny


Being a blonde myself I have to say I love this post...

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