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13 February 2006


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I laughed, too. *hangs head*




Well it could been worse. Cheney could shot the guy head off.


A lawyer, you could have had an interesting double life!

Corporation Lawyer by day, Defender of the Innocent by Night!!

The Masked Avenger, armed with inside knowledge, she cripples the mindless corporation with blazing briefs and crystal clear logic!

Lynsey Bourke

Not only did Cheney shoot someone, but it was a 78 year old guy! So then the grandpa like figure is in the hospital, and the bullet drops somehow into his heart! So, beloved grandpa has a heart attack and almost DIES. Cheney is hiding under his bed in embarassment and the whole thing is scary. My friend Jim told me that his Uncle Tom hunts with Cheney and Bush Sr every fall. I guess Cheney cooks up some damn good quail...

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