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26 February 2006


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oh oh OH this post is like the cornocopia of POSTS!!! It's like the Sunday brunch of posts.

I am going to be here all week going through and savoring-- thank you thank you for doing all this work to give us such a wonderful string of links.

And you have a Henry, too?! *smile* He's adorable.


I experience a difference between typing and handwriting, too. Great idea, writing dreams in a different color ink to find them more easily in your journal. Thank you for that (& all the links...)

tess/chameleon chronicles

Hello, SB!

You left a little welcoming comment a while back on my blog, and I checked out your lovely site but forgot to say thanks and lost track of you.

I love your doglet pictures and your Levenger notebooks. (I have always drooled over their catalogs.) The basket idea is great!

This is really a wonderful thing you've put together here with the journals. Thank you! Here's my offering. I got carried away with my digital camera and learning to do a flickr site. There is a flickr badge on my site that points to a couple of picture sets of my journals and studio. Take care!


Thanks Sharon, I'll be spend the rest of week looking at these links :-)


wee! this is awesome!

niki Robinson

Thanks for putting all these links together - I will check them out.

Mary Scriver

Because I had the idea that I could sell books that I made myself on my computer, I also invested in a wire binding machine while I still had a little money ahead. The upshot is that I can bind any set of papers that seem worth it, so I can make myself a "book" of things like the Blackfeet time-line that some of us work with here on the rez. I even printed a cover on heavy stock. It's not Levenger, but it's handy. (And if I ever strike it rich, I will go straight to the Levenger catalogs I keep just in case!

My "journal" which is mostly just daily notes of when I wrote to people or when I applied for something or when I got word back or even what DVD I watched, so it doesn't deserve anything fancy. I've found that a "chubby" little notebook -- only a few inches on a side but fat -- is very useful because it's so easy to keep on a side table without displacing other things.

The other thing I did in this house was much like your basket except that instead of having one and carrying it around, I put a basket (the diameter of a salad plate and about 6 inches deep) by the computer, by each of my reading chairs, on my kitchen table, on my big work table, and by my bed. Each one has scissors (I'm constantly cutting out things in the paper), pens, high-lighters, chapstick, the control for the video machine (I don't have any TV from outside), stickies, a ruler, a staple puller, and (in spring) a fine-toothed comb for the cats. This has been a great convenience!

Also, each of the tables has a tape dispenser and a stapler. I color coded them so that when I carry them off, I know where they came from.

One of the great advantages of his house is that it has one long wall with no windows in it. (Because all the violent weather comes from that side.) I added primitive but not temporary bookshelves (plain nailed together boards) which I don't mind fastening things to and spaced swing-arm pin-up lamps every six feet along. Now I can rearrange the furniture, knowing that my reading chair will always have light. It also helps to find the books on the shelves. And I drove a nail for hanging my backscratcher, which I can never find otherwise.

I have not found a good solution for dust on books, but I saved an article about a Swedish trick. It's a strip of muslin, dipped in shellac or something to make it stiff, tacked to the top front of the shelf. I assume it works because dust is directed on down past the tops of the books but it's pretty easy to see and remove the books. The edge can be scalloped like newspapers covering shelves in old-fashioned frontier kitchens.

This is growing into an article! But why shouldn't a writer have a "studio" with conveniences?

Prairie Mary


You, my friend, need a second blog -- for posts like this one, and photographs. A Prairie Mary at Home blog, that ranges across your wide mind and the broad settings of your life.




Oh...I would never journal if I had two cuddlies like you do. They are so sweet!
I have two 80 pound labs and they are not allowed to sit on 'mama':>
This is a wonderful post and thank you so much for including me!

Mary Scriver

Oh, but I DO have a second blog and a THIRD blog! The second one is scriverart.blogspot.com where I post things about Bob Scriver's sculpture. I also invented the "readalong," so that if you have a copy of the Western art mag I'm talking about, you can look at the pages along with me. I keep track of things like paintings of entrances or cafes.

The third one is the one you're suggesting, except that maybe it's time to get a digital camera. It's merryscribbler.blogspot.com. Merry Scribbler was the name of a column I had long ago in the Glacier Reporter. There used to be a street drunk who would hail me from blocks away, "HEY! Merry Scribbler!!!" Accept fame where you find it! I try to put useful things on this blog, stuff a high school English teacher could use.

Prairie Mary

Diana Davidson

I was discussing my journal love with my husband last night! I see here that I am not the only one who loves journaling or is as specific in their journal requirements. I saw one even has a journal trunk! Me, too!

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