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02 February 2006


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Cheryl Fuller

Matthew Fox wrote about "endarkenment" and the Via Negativa in his book, "Original Blessings". I loved his observation that seeds and new life take root in the darkness, not the light.


dE JA vU

I have always assumed the event was something like a TIA or stroke event... but without any (recognized) after effects. Though low blood sugar or pressure may have similar consequences. It is important to me that "it" fits a mechanistic framework. I assume death ( at least some deaths) is like this.
"It" happened to me maybe in the early-mid 80's. In the spring, Little League season, on Saturday, just after noon. I was driving home with Brian and had just made the turn up the lane about 1/2 mile from home. My vision became darkened and color sense faded, pain between the eyes, weakness, panic. Brian aged 5-8 was pressed to grab the steering wheel and we slowed to a crawl. By the time we reached the yard the event was receding and normal function returning. unforgetable, my dad always had a fear of thus losing control, maybe he too had this experience.


But -- Alan -- did you *see* something during this event? What I experienced seems nothing like what you describe. I had no pain, no weakness, no panic. Just this remarkable vision.

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